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The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.

Mark 12:10   

Welcome Message

With joy in our hearts, we welcome you specially to RCCG Cornerstone Assembly Saskatoon. A place of building people of purpose, power, and praise. We are committed to raising role models patterned after Christ in all spheres of life and endeavors. We seek to teach and preach the undiluted word of faith capable of igniting a burning fire of the passion and love of Jesus Christ in you and through you to your world.

We trust God enough for your total turn-around and transformational change as you explore all the resources available for you on this site. Welcome! Joint heirs with Christ.

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Pastor Reuben & Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Our Major Events

Sunday Service

Service Starts: 9:00am

Mid-week Service

Every Wednesday at 7:00pm

Monthly Vigil (Power Night)

Every Last Friday at 10:00pm

Steps To Salvation

Confess with your mouth

Personal walk with God

Believe in your heart

Fellowship with believers

Let's Pray With You

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Upcoming Events

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